My favourite travel tip

I know the idea of travel seems like a distant memory but travel will return at some point in someway and this nugget is my ever so secret but priceless travel tip.

2009 I stayed on the 33rd floor of JW Marriot and had an amazing view of Indianapolis City Skyline and the Minor league Baseball field. What a lovely view it was, great sunset.

3am, I was woken by a noise and opened my eyes to a power cut and a potential Hurricane drawing in and an alarm for all guests to get the basement. So I trudged down the 33 flights and into the basement.

Never again! I have from that point onward always booked the lowest floor I can. I exchange safety and convenience over a view.

Published by NCS

reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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