Earn your Saturday: The 2 minute Rule

My Grandad Dennis used to say to me when I was complaining about a hard work week. “earn your Saturday”. I think I have earned this Saturday, I hope you have earned yours too.

My aim for these posts that they are two minutes at most. To explore an idea or concept and share it daily. So today’s title is appropriate: The two-minute rule If a task will take less than two minutes, do it right now. If it will take longer, write it down.

Whenever I note an action or an e-mail reply I have drafted or I need to tidy up a coffee mug, #TwoMinuteRule. Every time, a moment of hesitation, “it’s fine, I can do this later” #TwoMinuteRule. If you can follow this rule, your life would be better. Your brain would be less cluttered and you could focus on the bigger picture.

About 70% of the time, this internal argument works for me and I get off my behind and do the thing I am putting off. I’m still working on the other 30%, I am still falling forwards. What about you?

Published by NCS

reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

One thought on “Earn your Saturday: The 2 minute Rule

  1. A great rule! However, sometimes when I’m staring at a stack of papers I’m processing the 2-minute rule can become the 8-minute rule and I need to watch out for that.


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