You are not late

I mentored someone who took a job at 21 and worked his way to their dream job in 8 years. He now does not want to do any other job in their life ever. He put in the work, kept focussed and made every effort to achieve his dream. He was not behind on his ambitions.

I have a friend who had not earned a university degree or finished school but on their 27th birthday they became a multi millionaire. They did not miss out from studying more formally and walked their own path. Took their own route to be the success they are today. They are not too early on their life achievements they don’t need to feel guilty that they have all they dreamed of before they were 30.

I know another who got married at 20 years old, divorced at 25 and remarried at 35. They now have a happy family, two beautiful children and it is like they were always together. They learned some lessons in life, found each other and are living their best life. They were never behind couples that were married with kids earlier.

I have a friend who never married til they were 34 years old. They never even had a serious partner and then met the one for them. They have been together for over 30 years and you would agree they are each others everlasting love.

The people above have nothing in common, they have had different life struggles, different life stories and overcame different challenges.

Life is not a race, comparisons must be avoided. You are not late at your life goals, it is not too early to reach your achievements. The timeline you are on is your timeline and yours alone. Acceptance that this is your time, is the key to happiness. The only race you are in is with yourself.

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reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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