Ask dont tell

Have you ever purchased anything in an elevator? Nope, me neither. Yet the business world loves the idea of the the elevator pitch. Don’t get me wrong knowing a plain, simple way to describe your business idea, Or what’s new in release 21r3 for instance is needed. But far more interesting to me is whatContinue reading “Ask dont tell”

Seeing and observing

Quick post today as I am in the garden enjoying the sun. In England you must take your moments when you can. I found a passage in Sherlock Holmes, a scandal in Bohemia which captures my point perfectly between seeing and observing. Enjoy: Watson: “When I hear you give your reasons,” I remarked, “the thingContinue reading “Seeing and observing”

The world wants mediocre

I have been up at 4:30am most mornings this week. I am not sure if its the warmer weather or the fact that I am drawing now and a creative part of brain is more awake. Whatever the reason I am awake again and pottering round the house, reading, writing, drawing. I read all theContinue reading “The world wants mediocre”

Who is to be blamed?

When you become a parent you sign yourself up to be many roles: Protector, provider, punisher, peacemaker to name just a few but it is the parental pep talk where I enter into my own domain. I lack confidence on many things but the ‘go getter’ pep talk I am the master at. I amContinue reading “Who is to be blamed?”


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