Looking for motivation

I failed several times at writing a blog over the last 10 years. I struggled searching for regular writing motivation. This year that changed, I realised that motivation is an excuse. I no longer wait for motivation to arrive, I just sit down in a space and write. Most of what I write is awful,Continue reading “Looking for motivation”

Asking for feedback

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes or the most emotionally aware person to know who your fans are, those people who will give you positive feedback, that think you are great – Your colleagues, family and friends are hardwired to say nice things about you. Are you as good as they might say youContinue reading “Asking for feedback”

Lead like a conductor

There is a quote: “if you want to lead the orchestra you must turn your back on the crowd”. It is often used by people as a justification for ignoring the criticisms of the many to focus on a task or mission. The quote is about leadership and the lone figure of a conductor standingContinue reading “Lead like a conductor”

Put the work in

When you aspire to excellence you must aspire to a level of effort which goes unnoticed consciously by most people, you should accept that excellence disappears easily into the background when its done properly. An example I can easily explain is in the movies. There is a lot of thought that goes into every detail,Continue reading “Put the work in”

Team of rivals

I am reading several books on the history of the USA at the moment and I just realised that George Washington’s cabinet makes every other cabinet look pathetic! His cabinet had Knox, Hamilton and Jefferson! If you have not read ‘team of rivals’ I would recommend it. To fill a team of smart challenging individualsContinue reading “Team of rivals”

Who cares?

I was enjoying a zoom lunch with a colleague the other day and they asked. “What do you get out of posting a two minute read everyday? Is it worth it?” I like this colleague, I consider them a friend so I gave this question some serious thought. I told them I would write itContinue reading “Who cares?”

My favourite teacher story

As my son is a school teacher now and I am a very proud father I have started to collect or notice teacher stories. This one below is one of my favourites, enjoy: A school teacher ran a test that had several sections, each of which contained three questions. He told the students to chooseContinue reading “My favourite teacher story”


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