Character is destiny

I stumbled on a book by US politician John McCain it is called character is destiny. I discovered it a while ago in my loft. I was going through an old box of books I had ignored for too long. I had purchased the box of books from a car boot sale years before. IContinue reading “Character is destiny”

Call me Ishmael

Last year I completed a short critical analysis course and one of my assignments was to analyse a piece of my favourite literature. I chose Moby Dick, no surprise to some of you who know my obsession with the white whale. I chose the opening paragraph and as most of you know starts: “Call meContinue reading “Call me Ishmael”

Mentoring; My Journey

Mentoring has had a profound influence in my life and I think always will play a huge part til I die. Through the position I have attained I continue to pay that forward with how I mentor my children, colleagues and the wider community. My children as adults are both paying it forward in theirContinue reading “Mentoring; My Journey”

We are all a little broken

Everyone has fallen apart at sometime in their life. The more resilient can use every fall, every breakup and emotional damage, to grow stronger and keep moving on. We can try to hide these scars with bravado or false narratives. Or if we are brave enough we can wear them as badges of honour, evidenceContinue reading “We are all a little broken”

You are not late

I mentored someone who took a job at 21 and worked his way to their dream job in 8 years. He now does not want to do any other job in their life ever. He put in the work, kept focussed and made every effort to achieve his dream. He was not behind on hisContinue reading “You are not late”


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