Why me? why not me?

Today I want to write about pity and specifically self pity. We all have experienced what Hamlet described as “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” Whether it be an accident or some unfortunate set of circumstances most of us can say we have suffered in some way. Some worse that others but we rarely getContinue reading “Why me? why not me?”

Resist the urge

Am I positive labelling by writing that most that read this blog want to be better?. Be that better at their jobs, better parents or just better people. I think this is a safe space for us to confront the darker sides of our nature. In all of us there lives an urge, for hearingContinue reading “Resist the urge”

How did you do it?

I am writing this blog post after I was asked a question by a parent who was envious of how much my children read as children and how they are both committed to reading loads in the their early adulthood. I will first though explain a little background if you will bear with me. OK,Continue reading “How did you do it?”

As you wish

Over the Christmas break many of us would have watched movies we treasure and have watched many times. Our family movie is ‘The Princess Bride’ it is a wonderful movie for all the family and full of so many wonderful quotes. Who can forget: “Life Is Pain, Highness. Anyone Who Says Differently Is Selling Something.”Continue reading “As you wish”

Encouragement is all we need

Just a brief post today about something we all can do to make people’s day better and make a change with very little effort. I am talking about encouraging others, being interested in others, seeing others point of view. The encouragement of attention and focus with another. This time with people will become a flameContinue reading “Encouragement is all we need”


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