Are you good timber?

I look out on this oak tree to write most of my posts when I am not at the beach. This is my dressing room view. I have a small simple desk to write at and look out at its majesty. I sit here sometimes just watching the tree for ages in awe of thisContinue reading “Are you good timber?”

Listen, learn, grow

Thank you for the messages wishing me a speedy recovery. I am feeling a lot better than I did on Sunday. As a consequence of being ill I lost my voice so a perfect recipe to read and rest. Rested and ready to return to work, I want to write about the importance of listening.Continue reading “Listen, learn, grow”

Best Health Tip ever!

Street food, I believe is the saviour of the human race Anthony Bourdain Anthony Bourdain wrote this many years ago. Mr Bourdain is sadly no longer with us, and thanks to his advice I might be soon catching up with him! Let’s go back 24 hours to Saturday night. I went with some friends toContinue reading “Best Health Tip ever!”

Certainty is absurd

It was Voltaire that wrote “Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it” Did you ever own a Blackberry? Most people did and if you owned one you could not have imagined losing it or replacing it with anything else. In the summer of 2009, BlackBerry occupied half of theContinue reading “Certainty is absurd”

Harry was right!

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. Harry S. truman How apt that President Truman would say these words. Harry S Truman is sometimes called the accidental president. There is nothing accidental about the quote above. The ‘truest’ words I have read in a long time.Continue reading “Harry was right!”

Confirmation bias

There is a joke that goes something like: A few days ago I learnt what confirmation bias meant. Now I see it everywhere OK maybe I stick to writing. Where was I? Oh yes, I have always felt people are more comfortable to feel a person was born with certain talents. They are comforted thatContinue reading “Confirmation bias”


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