Three types of people

Xander (my 25 year old son) and I are at finals day. Or more accurately we are in a Hilton about to head off to Edgbaston to watch the cricket. All week I have been talking to folks about finals day and many will wish you luck or good wishes. So while I wait forContinue reading “Three types of people”

Getting ones house in order

Melanie and I got the house cleaned this weekend. We payed for a ‘cherry picker’ truck to block off our house and clean our house exterior. It was a beautiful UK September day and the company we contracted blocked off the corner and jet washed the whole house. Taking off years of water and dirtContinue reading “Getting ones house in order”

Team first, always !

Each person must feel valued. From the personal assistant to the VP. When they understand that they are contributing members of the team and that their role has value, then the magic is possible. In my soccer coaching days I shook things up with not having a starter and substitute culture culture but ‘A ONEContinue reading “Team first, always !”


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