Writing to say thanks

In the last eight years I have taken to writing letters, yes that’s right real old fashioned letters. I read through some letters my grandad wrote to our family, how wonderful to see, hold and smell a link to him so many years after he had passed away. The letters were a physical link toContinue reading “Writing to say thanks”

Feeling Sad today!

I am sad today, someone vandalised my little yellow beach hut two nights ago. My little shed by the sea has been damaged in the night by God knows who. Magaritaville is my Beach Hut’s name and it is where I do most of my writing in spring and summer as well as talking toContinue reading “Feeling Sad today!”

Writing, with pen and paper

Taking a break from my computer screens, iPad and phone screens to write something by hand is something I find joyful. Writing a thank-you note, congratulatory message or such notes is a wonderfully rewarding and enjoyable process. I write daily in two journals, one long hand with all the daily recollections verbatim. The other smallerContinue reading “Writing, with pen and paper”

Being smart is…

They say smart people are those that notice patterns. Things that are relevant to us in an ever more complex world. They say smart people are able to connect the dots and make deliberate concise conclusions. It is in fact just the opposite! In a complex world the challenge is to ignore things. To disregardContinue reading “Being smart is…”

Nature vs a civilised life

In nature we never repeat the same motion; in captivity (office, gym, commute, sports), life is just repetitive stress injury. No randomness. Nassim Taleb; bed of procrustes

No is a complete sentence

Do you have difficulty saying no to people? We are all placed in positions where one person asks something of you. It could be a request for your money, or your time, the team’s time, a work reference or merely an introduction to a colleague. It is understandable if you struggle to say no sometimes,Continue reading “No is a complete sentence”

No dumping

Have you ever seen a sign like the one above? They are usually near a playing field, or a disused parking space. It says ‘no Dumping’ that is a pretty good motto for writing in general and certainly this blog. Even if you do not identify yourself as a writer, you are! You write hundredsContinue reading “No dumping”


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