Destination Addiction

The grass is always greener my Mother used to tell me. She was always wary of my ambition. Not because she wanted to stymie me but she wanted to make sure my happiness was sustainable. She was concerned about destination addiction: The idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job, or evenContinue reading “Destination Addiction”


Storytelling is more important than you might think and it effects you more than you might realise. This is my ‘Personal goal for 2021’ learn as much about story telling, how it can improve my life, my relationships, How can it help my business goals. When and why is story more effective in persuasion? IContinue reading “Story”

Email is fake work

We have all felt the compulsion to monitor our inbox for incoming high priority messages or actions. You can kid yourself that this is work but it is not. Not efficient impactful work anyway. It doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t require too much thought. You get that dopamine hit of doing something. But it isn’tContinue reading “Email is fake work”

Ace life advice to follow

I am somewhat of a ‘Self improvement addict’. That has to be contradiction of terms. Several of the podcasts and books I read recently kept mentioning this book called ‘Extraordinary Tennis for the Ordinary Player’ by Simon Ramo. So I gave it a read over the Christmas break. It was worth it even though IContinue reading “Ace life advice to follow”

The curse of expectation

I was watching an interview with Stephen King he said the following quote: “You know what talent is? The curse of expectation” it got me thinking about the kids I coached in football and the young consultants I have mentored in the last 20 years. I have learned to abhor the word ‘potential’ it isContinue reading “The curse of expectation”

Know your market and flex

The story I am going to tell today is about understanding your market dynamics and flexing when necessary. The story begins 25 years ago. I was living in Croydon, South East London and commuted daily to my University in South West London Kingston. There was one bus that went from Croydon to London Heathrow andContinue reading “Know your market and flex”


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