Variation in nature; vs modern life’s repetition

I had a week off at the end of the summer. I spent the time at home walking, reading, laughing and relaxing. I spent more time with nature than I had in a long time. Walking and sitting and observing nature. No day was the same that week. I felt great that week. I returnedContinue reading “Variation in nature; vs modern life’s repetition”

Teaching mantra; a lesson to use in all learning

I am doing a number of courses with an architect urban sketcher called Liz Steel. She has a mantra for her courses and I love what it says, I wanted to share here as an example of how we can all think about all learning, enjoy: We share but don’t compare We have confidence inContinue reading “Teaching mantra; a lesson to use in all learning”

❌✅❌❌🌧 🌧❌🌧❌✅✅✅✅✅

My HAMPSHIRE Hawks Cricket team charged to an astonishing six-wicket victory with 42 balls to spare over Glamorgan at the Ageas Bowl to qualify for the Vitality Blast quarter-finals. The Hawks started the day sitting in sixth place on the South Group table, needing to chase down fourth-placed Surrey’s run-rate to have any chance ofContinue reading “❌✅❌❌🌧 🌧❌🌧❌✅✅✅✅✅”

Learn by doing & Quantity has it’s own quality

I am spending just 30 minutes a day on learning to draw and sketch. I am not looking for perfection, I am looking for gradual improvements. I a looking for learning from errors. In it’s own way quantity will have therefore it’s own quality. Let me illustrate with a story I found in a selfContinue reading “Learn by doing & Quantity has it’s own quality”

How to see the world, I mean really see it

I am going to start with an assumption, as a child you loved drawing and painting. Most children love to draw and paint, before we wrote a word we scribbled and sketched. We created things without fear of being judged and looked happy while we did it. . They are mindful and focussed on makingContinue reading “How to see the world, I mean really see it”