Koi carp on Cialis and the secret fax

It is funny how nostalgia can file off the rough the edges of the good old days. I often think back to when I was I used to work for a pharmaceutical company supporting commercial IT. I supported a bunch of different teams, all of them were nice people and occasionally you would see someContinue reading “Koi carp on Cialis and the secret fax”

Our Brother Will and a famous sandwich

My youngest brother called Will is the best Barber in Burgess hill. He is highly sought out, with people waiting for ages to get in his chair. He is my youngest brother but a giant of a man well over 6ft. Customers love to talk with him because he is a great listener. He isContinue reading “Our Brother Will and a famous sandwich”

A quick fun way to improve your memory

I had the pleasure over Chrimbo Limbo (if you don’t know what that is click the link), anyway I had the pleasure to read a cracking new novel. A Crime novel by Richard Osman called “The Thursday Murder club”. It is truly a charming and delightful cosy crime debut about four amateur sleuths in aContinue reading “A quick fun way to improve your memory”

When the jerk in first class got his come uppance

Author’s note: This post is an extract of a diary entry from 2009, I have written about a side of A4 a day for 20 years and as I was reading back through them I saw an entry which made me smile. It is a little longer than my normal post. I hope that isContinue reading “When the jerk in first class got his come uppance”

You are your choices, make them good ones

Happy Inauguration Day, is that a salutation? I don’t really think so but for some of you, for most of you it is a very happy day so enjoy it. The swearing in of the most powerful person in the world is a big deal for the world whether you are an American or not.Continue reading “You are your choices, make them good ones”

Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd

We can get caught up in the action, execution mindset and not see the joys of doubt, the moments for thought which we all need. If you’re not having any second thoughts at all, it’s probably because you’re not thinking it through enough. The hallmark of the true believer is that there’s no room forContinue reading “Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd”

For the love of Reading and readers

I am not a doctor, I have no medicinal training. No way I should be looked to for professional psychological well being advice. however I can recommend you a book for your illness or Malady. There is a novel for every condition that a person may face. Reading is a particularly focussed activity, reading requiresContinue reading “For the love of Reading and readers”

People can face anything but reality

Watching the news there is a clearly a big gap between what people think and what they do; They are doing things despite knowing it to be immoral, wrong or stupid. Why? I ask. My psychologist daughter tells me this is called ‘cognitive dissonance’. This is when a persons actions are inconsistent with their beliefs.Continue reading “People can face anything but reality”

Thinking on Democracy

I touched briefly on democracy in Friday’s post when I wrote Hate leads to fear I finished with a conclusion that democracy is a fragile political commitment. Winston Churchill is attributed for saying “democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others that have been tried.” Democracy is fragile because itContinue reading “Thinking on Democracy”

Hate leads to few, anger and jealousy

Hatred is a sentiment that leads to the extinction of values Ortega Y Gassey I am somewhat of an Americanophile, I have always been enamoured with ‘the bold experiment in democracy’, I have read everything written by the founding fathers and the giants of politics compared to almost all politicians today. I have travelled toContinue reading “Hate leads to few, anger and jealousy”