98/100 Books read 2 to go

I am 2 books short of 100 books read in 2020, I will read those last two books in my Christmas break. To realise this annual achievement I almost entirely removed all TV and watching movies. I set this task well before the Covid-19 pandemic was understood.

To complete the 100th book I will be reading ‘A Christmas carol’ tomorrow night and then my last book of the 100 will be whatever book I am gifted by my family on Christmas eve. I pray it is not ‘Infinite jest’ by David Foster Wallace or I am in trouble (796 pages).

As impressive as 100 books might sound I will not be reading that many again in one year. I have enjoyed it but I felt at some points that I was ticking boxes and not reading for fun.

Below are a few facts about my 98 books so far.

  • 29,035 pages
  • Shortest book 18 pages: Themes and variations by David Sedaris (recommended to me by a friend of mine Dana Sook)
  • Longest book 1312 pages: The Count of Monte Christo
  • Most popular book read: Pride and Prejudice
  • least Popular: Darts finishing mastery
  • My first review of the year was ‘The truth about the harry quebert affair’

I will finish this post with my favourite quote of all the books I have read this year. It is from Stephen Fry and his book ‘Moab is my washpot’ he was talking about his bent nose and why he doesn’t pay for cosmetic surgery. It made me smile and think at the same time, enjoy.

The trouble with doing a thing for cosmetic reasons is that one always ends up with a cosmetic result, and cosmetic results, as we know from inspecting rich American women, are ludicrous, embarrassing, and horrific.

Stephen fry

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