Special extra post: World book day today

So it’s world book day, a big deal in my household. I love a sense of occasion, so here is how I celebrate this day and my #1 passion Books and reading.

My World Book Day Routine

  1. I block out that evening to read a classic in literature, it is always a book I go to again and again but I get something new from every time I read it.
  2. I also select weeks in advance a music playlist Linked to the book or theme, which I play whilst reading it
  3. I choose an expensive but small bar of Chocolate to enjoy with a cup of tea or pot of tea, it depends on the how big the book is
  4. I put up the heating in my reading nook, ready for a lovely evening, with the rain beating on the window
  5. I turn off the phone
  6. I think about the first line for about 10 minutes, why its so important, why the author chose those words specifically. Then read it cover to cover if possible (with no distractions)

This year is a sea themed this year

  • The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway (a book that means more to me now than when I read it as a child) (age has to bring something good)
  • The music I will listen to will be: * Shostakovich: Symphony No.4,* Britten: the Four Sea Interludes,* Debussy. La Mer, *Elgar. Sea Pictures
  • Lindt Excellence Chocolate Bar Dark Sea Salt 100g
  • Heating in the reading nook is set to go up at 6pm tonight
  • No Calls, No interruptions
  • just Santiago, the Marlin and me. Its just 127 pages so a perfect evening read

My kids tell me I am a little extra, I think which is millennial phrase for focussed and determined (at least that is the way I am taking it)

What books will you read today or this week?

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