Winding down

To start to relax you first need to wind down. This first weekend of my week off was all about winding down and taking long walks with no where to go, no place to be and no expectations. Very relaxed. I am writing a post on Vincent Van Gogh and how to use his method of learning to be successful. I am not rushing it off though. I am writing it in my notebook and then will type it up this week.

The photo I took at 8pm just as the sun went down. The beach hut in a sunset is a subject matter I return to all the time. 1. As it is a beautiful composition and subject matter. 2. It’s right outside my holiday home and I can run up on the beach an in 5 mins nail the shot and then get back home in the warm.

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reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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