Hop reading

I was sitting in Costa this morning “Hop reading”. Its basically where I hop from one subject to the next in an ADHD, Jazz like riff of reading one article or link or Video and then after the hour I have been all over the place, ending up reading a completely different topic to the next with a child like serendipity for whatever gets my interest.

Anyway I started off reading a very simple article about a parent whose child was in the midst of a teenage growth spurt. My mind started making parallels with challenges this child faced with organisations such as ours who grow fast.

My notes from this am below:

  • You can grow well but scale badly, if you focus on numbers over quality that is often the case
  • Its not about getting bigger its about getting better. If you focus on getting better, you will grow bigger, but if you focus on growing bigger you will rarely grow better
  • The right growth is the balance of speed and thoughtfulness, recognise where in the organisation that balance is right and where it is wrong
  • Grow too fast and you risk competing against “the new you”
  • What got you here – wont necessarily get you there, the balance between staying the same OR growing and changing

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