Incerto Series; Fooled by randomness

I wanted to share a summary of a series of book written by the greatest living philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He created the Incerto series, which is 5 separately published books. Fooled by randomness, The black swan, the bed of procrustes and Anti Fragile. Anyway firstly I urge you to read fooled by randomness, inContinue reading “Incerto Series; Fooled by randomness”

When the universe speaks, you listen

It was Aristotle who wrote “Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom” and I have for 47 years now been on that journey. So when I noticed something it was interesting to reflect on. I have been angrier of late, less patient, more prone to react, prone to get caught up in other people’s dramas.Continue reading “When the universe speaks, you listen”

Encouragement is all we need

Just a brief post today about something we all can do to make people’s day better and make a change with very little effort. I am talking about encouraging others, being interested in others, seeing others point of view. The encouragement of attention and focus with another. This time with people will become a flameContinue reading “Encouragement is all we need”