Put the work in

When you aspire to excellence you must aspire to a level of effort which goes unnoticed consciously by most people, you should accept that excellence disappears easily into the background when its done properly. An example I can easily explain is in the movies. There is a lot of thought that goes into every detail, costumes, locations and background set dressing. When you look closely at any area of excellence you will see there is deliberate thought in every detail.

Have you watched ‘Good Will Hunting’ ? What I wanted to draw your attention to is the level of design and thought that went into shaping the story and your emotions on a non conscious level. These scenes are everywhere in GWH, examples of Irish colours (Green, White and Orange) on one side of the Charles river with Will’s crew and juxtaposed to the establishment on the other side there is a lot of Red White and Blue.

Look at the examples in the photo above, this is not good fortune, these are all intentional acts of professionals at the top of their game. To do any job to the level of excellence is to put in work which will disappear to most but it is what sets them apart.

Published by NCS

reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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