Our Bookish Family Christmas tradition

Many years ago I started a Family tradition, which I learned about from an Icelandic friend. You see Icelandic people celebrate Christmas each year with a book exchange. This tradition is known as Jolabokaflod, which translates roughly to Christmas book flood. Jolabokaflod started during World War II, when paper was one of the few things not rationed in Iceland. Because of this, Icelanders gave books as gifts.

Being a Bookworm I loved this idea. I combined this tradition together with our Secret Santa tradition. So for the last few years every Christmas Eve our family gift each other a brand-new book and a bar of quality chocolate. The person ‘to buy for’ is selected out two months before. We then each spend the rest of the year thinking of our gift recipient and choosing a book to buy wrap and put next to the fireplace. We open the presents together on Christmas Eve then cozy up in front of the fire with bar of Chocolate each and spend the rest of the evening reading.

I look forward to our family ‘Book Flood’ as much as Christmas day. If you love books, chocolate and Christmas traditions, you might adopt this tradition also. Last year I got a beautiful copy of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and spent a perfect evening reading in front of the fire.

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