Autumn walks in Winchester

I had an opportunity before the lockdown started to wander amongst the Veeva Orange-tipped trees and view the autumn mist from rolling hills where John Keats was inspired to write Ode to Autumn.

My daughter Natalie is studying at Winchester University, and we used to go see her before Covid we were able to explore the heart of what was once the capital of Anglo-Saxon Wessex, Throne to King Alfred, Last resting place of Jane Austen.

Here you can escape to another time, crammed full of cobblestoned streets, where matrons on old-fashioned bicycles make their way determinedly up steep hills, and all the time the distant voices of angelic choirboys can be heard from the cathedral.

A Little known fact that autumn was known as ‘the fall’ in British English. It’s a shortening of ‘the fall of the leaf’. It was only started to be referred to Autumn when the Norman’s invaded and brought with them the word ‘Automne’

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