Walking to think

I have a theory, that when we walk we are distracting the part of our brains which are easily distracted and leaving the rest to create, to digest, to process. This works for me at least and so I walk for physical and mental health reasons. Different walk locations give me different stimuli which helps me in other ways;

  • If I have a worry I like to walk where there are people; the colours, textures, noise combined with the social interaction of humans help distract me and sort through my worries while giving me the feeling that I am just a small part of something bigger. I look into the eyes of the people I walk by and see 1001 worries and concerns as big or bigger than mine. My concern for my fellow human then bubble sorts my worry and I come home feeling better about my problems and a healthy concern for that of those less fortunate than myself.
  • If I want to write an essay, idea or longer composition I will always walk along the sea. One side to me is the crashing waves and enormity of a wide expanse of possibility where the sky meets the sea, the other a world full possibilities, of people who have so much to give, so much to observe and unpick.
  • If I have an idea I want to work on, I want to be creative and really mull over a creative concern then I will walk in a woodland or forest. I want to be cocooned in nature with glimpses of sky but blanketed in leaves supported by natures girders, the trees provide the majesty and give me so much energy. To be inspired by nature and nature alone is a joy and you are guaranteed to received far more than you seek.

So that is why I am in this forest. Thinking about the wonderful company field kick off we had. I wanted to think about the challenges my business faces and how we can help. I wanted to think about how my teams work better together and how I can enable that. So here I was walking alone letting the week sink in. The photo on this post is taken in my local woodlands just before Sunset. Why I chose this walk? the path allowed a walk with no decisions of direction needed. It was like being on a guided tour through nature. I walk alone or with others, I don’t mind too much, I will walk with whoever will walk with me.

I must finish now, the house is asleep and I must sleep also. I will finish with a quote as I often do, also with a question. I read once in a wonderful book by Sidney Poitier, I think it is called ‘The measure of a man’ the quotes has always stuck with me;

There is something that happens when you walk somewhere with with someone, its unspoken but all of us do it – either you adjust your pace to theirs, or they adjust to yours…

Sidney Poitier

Q. Whose pace have you adjusted to?

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