Good, better, best, never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best

The search for self improvement is a constant one. It implores you to be uncomfortable being comfortable, discontent feeling content. You can always improve but it will require effort there are many ways I picked eight things I do to try and be better;

  • Read books; No surprise with this first one
  • Listen to podcasts; Fill in the gaps of non productive moments with a podcast or two
  • Take a course; Skillshare, masterclass even youtube has courses to learn
  • Take a break; go on a sabbatical
  • Ask for feedback; Not the kind words of friends but real actionable feedback
  • Work towards a goal; daily incremental improvements bring huge gains over time
  • Welcome change; It is not always welcome, not all change is progress but you cannot progress without change
  • Pick wisely; Your network determines your net worth. Birds of feather most certainly flock together.

Published by NCS

reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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