Problem solving and mental models

I have become interested in mental models. I am always trying to self improve and as much as I love reading, remembering the lessons can be difficult.

Learning Mental models is my way of compartmentalising methods and lessons under the banner of mental models. Mental models are like software applications my mind can use for solving certain problems.

I can’t begin to cover all of them in a post like this but I want to draw your attention to two which might be of interest.

Inversion is a tool you can use to improve how you think about a problem or situation. It helps you identify and remove obstacles to success. The root of inversion is “invert,” which means to upend or turn upside down.

Charlie Munger who is Warren Buffett’s business partner talks about Inversion often. He says he has been a success from not seeking excellence but avoiding stupidity. If you want to be a success at your new career, you can think about what would make you a success but perhaps it might be good to start with inverting that question and asking what would be a poor start.

In a sales cycle how can we avoid stupidity, what is the worse case scenario we can avoid. When launching a product or feature what would be really dumb to do?

Contrast I try and tell my kids this as they spend too long on social media. if you compare your life to some perfect and nonexistent ideal, you’ll be miserable; if you find a clearly bad counterfactual to compare yourself against, you’ll feel much better.

How lucky are you right now compared to 98% of the world without the things you take for granted. How has the effort and enthusiasm you have shown day 1 compared to what you are giving now?

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