To every thing there is a season

I was a poor student at school, I did better at college, I excelled at university. Early education and the prescriptive curricula was not for me. College allowed for self expression but I was not in the right head space to enjoy it. At university they expected self expression and I was ready to speak.

The higher the academic establishment the more encouraging they were for creativity. It is easy to judge your progress next to another and to make conclusions. The children at my school were no more intelligent. I was no more intelligent than those at University. What we were was more comfortable in an environment or in a moment than another.

Do you worry about your children’s progress? Do you look at another child’s achievements with undisclosed envy. Give yourself and your kids a break, if they are not performing at an expected level at school. We all have our own time and space to shine.

Things turn out best, for the people who make the best of the way things turn out

Me just now

Life is such a marathon and not a sprint. Your journey will have it’s ups and downs. Sure people get jobs based on their past. More interesting are those that continue to learn after education. Being a life long learner is in itself a reward. School is one thing, education is another. The two don’t always overlap. Whether you’re in school, college, university or starting a career, it’s your job to get yourself an education.

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