Self doubt; and endless starry sky

My favourite artist is Vincent van Gogh, the artist responsible for starry nights, sunflowers, and Irises. His whole life he was plagued with self doubt. He didn’t start drawing until he was 26, and didn’t pick up a paintbrush until he was 28.

We all face moments of self doubt, some more than others, seldom is that feeling linked to our actual competency. It can be the most capable that doubt the most. To paint the picture further that feeling of emptiness is often strongest when doing the thing we love the most which cuts even deeper.

We convince ourselves that there will be a day when we would be more confident, when we would feel more equipped and prepared. That day never comes by just wishing it so, hoping a thing into life seldom is successful. Confidence comes from ‘the doing’ you get better by doing the work day after day after day.

We wouldn’t plant a seed and dig it up every five minutes to see how it has grown. So why do we keep questioning ourselves, why are we undermining our hard work with self doubt, why are we questioning our hard work and decision making. Let’s give ourselves a break, and just do the work. Trust the process.

OK thats it folks, have a good Saturday. I will end it with a wonderful Vincent Van Gogh quote and a tearful clip from DrWho. A worth watching scene where DrWho shows Vincent the future, a future where his genius is revered. Enjoy and cry (I do every time).

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

Vincent Van Gogh

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