Helping others; Don’t wait

It’s my 26th wedding anniversary today so off work and planning to walk and read with my Wife Melanie. I did want to write a short post on helping people and not waiting to help. It was prompted after I had some mentoring sessions. A young consultant I mentor said they would love to help when they have the experience.

This was my advice to them: You don’t need to become an expert before you can help someone. People love to hear from people just like them. I recall a time at university that what I learned from classmates were often more impactful than teaching from my lecturers.

It’s the difference between saying ‘I’m an expert and I’m going to teach you something’, and saying ‘I’m a fellow student and I’m going to share what I’ve learnt and maybe you can take something from this.


Let me share with you what I learnt ! They are powerful words and a kind loving gesture that you can do today. Don’t put off sharing with the world til you are an expert. Your experiences are more valuable while you are learning.

Alright, I must dash. If you can watch the wondeful Mr Rogers talking about the helpers. Look to the helpers and see the wonderfully kind inspiration of humanity. Helpers are not all experts, they are just good people doing their best to help where they can. These are often people that run into fires to help, that’s right they run into fires. Helping can be as grand as this or as small as offering a hand. we rise by lifting others.

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