Breaking Lockdown; Sneaking out to Florence

I have a confession to make. between you and me, I travelled internationally last week. I travelled first to London, then to Bath and getting away with that I traveled to Florence, I walked those beautiful little streets and and then to top it off I roamed the Amalfi coast.

Of course, you probably guessed that I did not really break lockdown rules. Instead I am using a wonderful guided tour service found at I discovered this a few months ago and have been on many of the tours in the evenings. The tours are on zoom and so you can do all this from your own home.

The tours are in the afternoon and evenings and tickets cost approximately £15. The guides use Zoom as I mentioned and all the guides are well informed charismatic people, some are actors. Tours last about an hour and you can meet fellow tour fans from all over the world.

Have a go, take a tour, it beats TV or Netflix any day.

Amalfi Coast tour

Paris Tour

Florence tour

London tours

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