Writing, with pen and paper

Taking a break from my computer screens, iPad and phone screens to write something by hand is something I find joyful. Writing a thank-you note, congratulatory message or such notes is a wonderfully rewarding and enjoyable process.

I write daily in two journals, one long hand with all the daily recollections verbatim. The other smaller a distilled version of the day with lessons learned or reflections worth writing out more deliberately.

My main daily notebook is the Hobonichi A5 Cousin an A5 size notebook. The other is the Hobonichi A6 Techo which is a smaller A6 one for my reflections and sketches. My blogs will usually stem from those notebooks, a publishable sharing of my thoughts. I will tend to look at the notes from the last two weeks and then write up something worth sharing.

I like to sketch fun things in my notebooks also

me just now

Both notebooks are made from Tomoe river paper. The paper is my favourite for two reasons, it is silky smooth so my fountain pen does not scratch, secondly it is super thin 52mg. The ink does not bleed through and has minimal ghosting. It is ever to thin compared to other notebook papers.

My Pens

Why I write with a fountain pen

It feels better to write with a fountain pen, it is more comfortable. When you write a lot, comfort of the writing experience is a consideration. Ballpoint pens required too much pressure on the page. A fountain pen allows for comfort, the ink and pend glide across the page.

it is better for the environment, no disposable plastics instead glass bottles of beautiful inks. Also a god nib fountain pen lasts many many years. I have pens that are over 80 years old, those pens have written love letters, consoling condolences and congratulation messages. The pen leaves with it a shared story, value and love which a biro could never rival.

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