Reading the lessons of others is investing in yourself

Happy Saturday all, I hope you are investing your weekend time well. That can be keeping grinding on your work, it can be spending time with your family, it can be relaxing doing nothing, You decide, no one can judge the returns on that investment except you. Whatever you do invest it wisely. Time is a currency you can only spend once so be careful how you spend it.

I wrote a few times how much I love reading and how would people in you place of employment react if they saw a calendar entry of yours titled: Reading X Book or reading on Y topic. I was trying to suggest that many would see reading as a thing you should do ‘on your own time, not work’ BUT if you are reading on a subject that helps your work, and your employer than that is probably far greater an investment than 98% of the meetings you attend.

So this Saturday morning as I reflect on this week I recall a conversation I had with a colleague. Someone told me they would love to read more but they were too busy to read. Apart from the insinuation that they are busier then another, the logic falls down if they think about it.

Whatever it is we do, we learn by experience, or as I call it ‘the hard way’. By finding the time to read, you get to learn through others’ experiences, that seems to me a much better way of doing your business, the more important your work the more important the consequences of your incompetence will be. So to read is to possibly avoid a mistake or find a way of being better, doing better.

I am telling you reading is the magic bullet, it will not solve all your problems. It does however provide for us all a light what is often a dark path ahead. I don’t know about you but I need all the light I can find and so investing in yourself by reading the lessons of others, surely seems a worthy way to spend a weekend.

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reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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