The world wants mediocre

I have been up at 4:30am most mornings this week. I am not sure if its the warmer weather or the fact that I am drawing now and a creative part of brain is more awake. Whatever the reason I am awake again and pottering round the house, reading, writing, drawing.

I read all the positive, inspirational quotes online that most of you probably read now. You cant help it they are everywhere. They are like pocket sized nuggets of wisdom. Little cerebral multigrain snacks to make you feel good. Give you a temporary jolt. They don’t make sense really when you think about it. Imagine if everyone was the best they could be? They were at the top of their game.

The world doesn’t really want you to be your best. The powers that be are not really desiring everyone becomes their best selves. And most people don’t seek being exceptional anyway. We seek mediocre disguised as ‘better’, we want more money, more security and most of all reassurance. We trade all of our individualism, our energy, what makes us special, our art and hock it for stability, for the status quo plus 3%. All the while dreaming of better, like the photo of the perfect body we will have tomorrow and secretly know will never be attained.

One day or day one you decide, and most people opt for lots of day ones

Me just now

Don’t believe me? Let’s take the fitness gym business model. It is just one example but hear me out; It is predicated on your failure under the guise of aspiration. It is dependent that you bite off more than you can chew. It wants you to be intense for short bursts and then fail. They will see you again in a years time but thanks for your money all year. The cycling of the equipment (pun intended) and operating costs are hoping you pay but don’t attend that often. 90% of us paying for the 10% that stick it out.

Change one thing, and stick to it

Me just now

Want a better life? that is a question not a statement. If you do want to change. I will tell you the secret 🤫 Change one small thing in your life, put a big fat cross on your calendar every day after you did it. Do that one thing every day and create a chain. Don’t try and be perfect, to do everything at once. Just one thing, the small incremental improvements then follow one after another.

Don’t break the chain, EVER!

Me just now

But I am wasting my time writing this. You wont heed this advice, as it is too simple and for free. No you want to pay for complicated unachievable advice, then there is someone to blame for you failing. Humans love complicated expensive advice, we tend not to value the simple and obvious. So go back to reading fluffy inspirational quotes and trying to be perfect in short bursts.

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