Team first, always !

Each person must feel valued. From the personal assistant to the VP. When they understand that they are contributing members of the team and that their role has value, then the magic is possible.

In my soccer coaching days I shook things up with not having a starter and substitute culture culture but ‘A ONE Team culture’, not an (A) and (B) team but one team only. No one likes feeling like the substitute, and it was for this reason

I added one other crucial and essential element to my ‘oneteam’ vision. That was acknowledgement, in soccer it was to point and run to the player that made the assist, to recognise that without the pass the goal was not possible. In business it is understand that in every business win or achievement is a consequence of many people doing an excellent job, marketing, sales, customer success, finance, legal just to name a few.

You are only as good as the team, no better, no better ever!

Me just now

In soccer I would often say: It takes “it takes 22 feet to score one goal. and if I ever did come up against a talented player that thought he was more than the team we would talk. As Ted Lasso said best: “don’t be so busy trying to be one in a million that you forget you are just one of 11.”

Team first, always !

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