Getting ones house in order

Melanie and I got the house cleaned this weekend. We payed for a ‘cherry picker’ truck to block off our house and clean our house exterior. It was a beautiful UK September day and the company we contracted blocked off the corner and jet washed the whole house. Taking off years of water and dirt that was not terribly obvious until it was removed and then you noticed how much cleaner it looked.

There was never a good time to get this done, the cost was expensive and it was perhaps a bother to the neighbours but the cost of not doing it effects house price, it can cause damage to the stonework in the long term. Bottom line is that there is no good time to do this but we wanted to get our house in order (literally).

It got me thinking about the phrase put your house in order; If you put your house in order or get your house in order, you make sure that all your affairs are arranged properly and that all your problems are dealt with. To have the fortitude and consistency to do the things that need doing when more interesting things are available to you. To pay attention to the life most critical to you no matter how tiresome they may be.

I am happy we did this, the house looks all shiny and new and Melanie and I feel better for doing something proactive and positive. Whatever you can do in your life to put your house in order you should do it. Getting your house in order and reducing the confusion gives you more control over your life. Personal organisation some how releases or frees your to operate more effectively. Hearty handshakes from me to you.

Fun fact:

The guy that did the cleaning for us was also on last months Come dine with me (UK TV Cooking reality show)

Me just now

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