My old notes found in a book margin

I found scribbles in a book this weekend. It seemed to not be related to the book so I can only think it was written while listening to a podcast. I can often write odd post it notes as I wait to board a plane or wait to deplane.

The above picture is not that book, but the Ship of Theseus by JJ Abrams. I just liked the image and marginalia.

Enjoy these random notes I found:

  • Confidence is a choice
  • Aspiring to go higher
  • One loss should not define you
  • Waiting for the real you to turn up
  • Having a fearless mentality
  • Concentration grid?
  • Self talk and Affirmations
  • ‘See it, feel it, trust it’ Anchor statements and mantras
  • ‘I have all that it takes to beat the competition’ Anchor statements and mantras
  • Smooth and easy Anchor statements and mantras
  • Do some mental reps
  • Think about ways to make you better
  • The gameshow ‘Weakest link’ someone observed to have a racist bias
  • Delete the thought, change the channel, take a breath, slow your mind
  • Game theory: Ice the kicker, look into this

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