Best Health Tip ever!

Street food, I believe is the saviour of the human race

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain wrote this many years ago. Mr Bourdain is sadly no longer with us, and thanks to his advice I might be soon catching up with him!

Let’s go back 24 hours to Saturday night.

I went with some friends to watch the Rugby at the weekend. We had a great time and England won. On my way home I stupidly decided to eat from a street vendor as I walked back to the Tube station. The food looked ok but I had consumed too much alcohol at this point to make a good dietary decisions anyway.

Oh my goodness, I am regretting that now. 🤢I feel so sick I have hardly been able to think straight all day. 2am Sunday am I started to hurt and the day since then has been a blur. I am pretty sure it is e.coli or some kind of food poisoning due to not cooked meat. I will spare you the details but you are already imagining the scene.

I had originally planned on writing a carefully considered post on leadership lessons. Lessons I observed from the Rugby this weekend. but I cannot honestly think straight at the moment. So I decided to write exactly what was on my mind.

As you may know I try and impart in every post some kind of wisdom, lesson or perspective from my life. This post today is no different. Are you sitting down, because I have been most of the day. Here is my best heath tip for you:


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