Working out of Starbucks on a Sunday

In a bid to stay out of the way while Mrs CS cleans the house I agreed to work from a Starbucks with my daughter Natty for Sunday morning. I forgot how much I enjoyed this vibe. I used to love working from a coffee shops but have not for ages. I forgot how I fed off the layers of movement and sound. The white noise of a humming Coffee shop is for me such a great energy source to write and think.

I started to jot down why I enjoyed this so much. Before I shoot off home I thought would share these thoughts:

Coffee Shop sounds file (example)
  • Background noise: I think the background noise helps me concentrate. I have Tinnitus and so silent working is no good for my productivity. The sound though has to be background noise and not loud music I have control over. So seems the volume of the noise is a factor, at least for me.
  • A good location: A drafty cold seating location is no good, I cannot type with cold hands. Besides that your coffee gets colder faster. So a nice seat with power, good daylight and a view of the coffee shop goings on.
  • Headphones are essential: It sounds like a contradiction but you are in public and the coffee shop brings people together for all sorts of reasons and a gossip or heart to heart conversation just in ear shot can be distracting. So bring some noise cancelling headphones if you can at least until the chatting couple next to you have moved on.
  • Take breaks: I have found that it is a great place to work also because you can stop every say 25 mins and take in your surroundings. I get energy from people but on my terms so looking around at what is going on is a fun and light distraction.
  • Zooms are impossible: Sounds like a negative but what a great excuse to focus on work and not be dragged into that meeting which I think we all agree is a light relief.
  • Interacting with others: If you work from home then you might spend hours or even days not talking face to face with someone outside your family or friends. It is nice to occasionally interact with others.

Sitting drinking coffee and watching people has been around for decades, you only need to take lunch in a Piazza or a large square in a city to see the attraction is watching people and being seen also. After Covid I am discovering all sorts of ‘new/old’ things again. If you are going to work from a coffee shop soon please remember to be nice to the staff, Tip of you can and let them know they are doing a great job.

Hearty handshakes from me to you

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