Starting a culture club

I have been thinking last week about a company or teams culture. What is it exactly? how do you put your finger on it or identify it? Can I write the definition down in a brief and succinct way that keeps my attention and yours? That is my assignment for this sunny Monday morning.

A company’s culture always sounded so mysteriously formed or so natural it appeared like it sprung out the very DNA of a company but like most things in business behind the facade it is quite simple, definable and maybe even malleable.

Put simply a company’s culture is the set of shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that define how people within the people interact with each other and with external stakeholders.

You could call it the “personality” of the company, and it shapes everything from the way decisions are made to the way employees are hired and trained. So it is definitely worth spending time on.

What are the products of a Strong company culture

  • You can attract talent and hire off it
  • It is essential to retain the people
  • It encourages innovation and creativity

What are the products of a weak company culture

  • You get low morale
  • Possibly a higher turnover
  • Poor performances

I shall think on more about this subject and develop it over time. I suppose to close that if one wants to create a positive and healthy company culture it would need to be a continuous process that requires ongoing effort and not a quick change but an every day behaviour change.

This behaviour change starts with leadership setting the tone and modelling the right behaviours. Tomorrow I shall think about those behaviours, for now let me know what you think.

Hearty handshakes from me to you

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