Writing, with pen and paper

Taking a break from my computer screens, iPad and phone screens to write something by hand is something I find joyful. Writing a thank-you note, congratulatory message or such notes is a wonderfully rewarding and enjoyable process. I write daily in two journals, one long hand with all the daily recollections verbatim. The other smallerContinue reading “Writing, with pen and paper”

Breaking Lockdown; Sneaking out to Florence

I have a confession to make. between you and me, I travelled internationally last week. I travelled first to London, then to Bath and getting away with that I traveled to Florence, I walked those beautiful little streets and and then to top it off I roamed the Amalfi coast. Of course, you probably guessedContinue reading “Breaking Lockdown; Sneaking out to Florence”

Self doubt; and endless starry sky

My favourite artist is Vincent van Gogh, the artist responsible for starry nights, sunflowers, and Irises. His whole life he was plagued with self doubt. He didn’t start drawing until he was 26, and didn’t pick up a paintbrush until he was 28. We all face moments of self doubt, some more than others, seldomContinue reading “Self doubt; and endless starry sky”

To every thing there is a season

I was a poor student at school, I did better at college, I excelled at university. Early education and the prescriptive curricula was not for me. College allowed for self expression but I was not in the right head space to enjoy it. At university they expected self expression and I was ready to speak.Continue reading “To every thing there is a season”