Looking for motivation

I have started so many diaries, journals and blogs in 20 years. I struggled searching for regular writing motivation. This year that changed, I realised that motivation is an excuse. I no longer wait for motivation to arrive, I just sit down in a space and write. Most of what I write is awful, some of it is ok, the ok stuff I put a selection in the blog.

Motivation is waiting until you feel like doing something before doing it. Execution on the other hand, is just doing it regardless of how you’re feeling about it. When you think about it, is there anything more childish than doing something only when you feel like it. The only way to write better is to write everyday. Don’t break the chain, and just keep trying.

Motivation isn’t something you wait for idly to arrive at your door. Motivation is something you get from doing things. That feeling good about achieving small successes leads to more success. So I urge you to get up, get out and start the day.

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reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

2 thoughts on “Looking for motivation

  1. I seldom go by my feelings when it comes to my tasks. Like my motivation, my feelings are pretty unreliable, and if I had to depend on them, I’d never get anything done. So yeah, taking action is the way to go, and getting motivation that way is more sustainable. Thanks for this reminder!

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