7 invisible barriers to success

I have had a good run of mentoring new Veeva employees this year and a theme started to form from their challenges. When we got onto the subject of what is holding them back from doing what they want to do, or making progress in their projects/accounts.

A surprisingly regular list of what I call ‘Blue chair barriers’ or imaginary barriers came up. Here they are summarised for today’s post and your reflection:

  1. Waiting for permission OR the right time
  2. Not taking action
  3. Being too busy (Busy on the wrong things)
  4. Assume some missing talent or qualification. In my opinion way overrated !!
  5. Not being flexible enough to take opportunity
  6. Trying to be someone else

All of the above are ‘blue Chair reasons’, they are as imagined a barrier as this horse thinks he is tied down. If you are reading this and thinking that there is a barrier preventing you from succeeding, remember that you are always one good decision away from taking a step closer to the success you seek. Put aside all the nonsense non barriers and be the leader you were always meant to be.

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