No one ever got dumber sharing an idea

I have noticed a selfishness of late, a reluctance to spend time talking about ideas. That is a shame, that is my lifeblood, it’s my passion, I can’t exist without discussion and discourse on ideas.

Is it the lack of time, too busy, or you see your ideas as special sauce? I hope that is not it, if you have a good idea are you hanging on to it? It would seem more people are thinking this way. If you have great personal contact hold on to it, then make money out of this knowledge later on.

Not for nothing, but this way of thinking is wrong! In fact it could not be more wrong! If you have knowledge, it means nothing until you give it away.

When you share knowledge they are able to give you feedback based on their experience. Imagine your brain as a piggy bank, that gathers ideas and contacts as wealth. But like money its not wealth until you actually spend it/give it away.

Some of the greatest ideas I have had with were actually developed as a result of someone’s feedback. This was possible when I made an earnest attempt to share my knowledge with them. The same approach can extend to your network on LinkedIn. The strongest relationships I have built started by suggesting two people meet. I knew that they both would benefit meeting each other.

It is my hope that people begin to share more ideas, connect more people together and look out for each other.

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reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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