You are now in ‘Chrimbo Limbo‘

Some of my American readers are wondering what on earth ‘the chrimbo limbo’ is, allow me to explain.

The ‘chrimbo limbo’ is the period of time between Christmas and New Year when days seem to merge into each other, nobody really knows what to do and everything just gets a bit weird.

“Seriously, What Day is It?”

Me, just now

Once Boxing Day, is out of the way but before New Year’s Eve arrives, nobody knows what day it is. We might be able to figure out the date but in terms of what day of the week it is, we have no idea whatsoever.

What can we do to feel normal ? Normally I would say yearly planning, reflect on the year just gone, all that positive stuff! but screw that, you only get limited time on this earth with your family. Plenty of time for that in the days to come. When the presents are all unwrapped and the turkey all gone. Just BE PRESENT, enjoy family time.

Your presence will be remembered long after your presents will be forgotten. Enjoy a poem I found many years ago:

What Shall You Give One Small Boy?

What shall you give to one small boy?
A glamorous game, a tinseled toy?
A Boy Scout knife, a puzzle pack?
A train that runs on some cruising track?
A picture book, a real live pet?
No, there's plenty of time for such things yet.

Give him a day for his very own,
Just one small boy and his Dad alone.
A walk in the woods, a romp in the park;
A fishing trip from dawn to dark.
Give him the gift that only you can,
Give the companionship of his "old man".

Games are outgrown and toys decay,
But he'll never forget, if you give him a day.

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