A quick fun way to improve your memory

I had the pleasure over Chrimbo Limbo (if you don’t know what that is click the link), anyway I had the pleasure to read a cracking new novel. A Crime novel by Richard Osman called “The Thursday Murder club”. It is truly a charming and delightful cosy crime debut about four amateur sleuths in a retirement village. With a great sense of humour and lively bunch of characters, he has written a real page turner.

In the book one of the main characters employs an ingenious but simple method to keep her memory sharp, a sort of workout for the brain which I have been doing myself since I read it. What she does is to write in her diary/journal every day and then take one interesting fact or detail and thumb two weeks ahead in her journal. She then writes a question about that fact and when in two weeks time she goes to write in her journal she can test if she remembers that fact.

You can always go back two weeks and check you are correct. What a great idea I was thinking to myself, I have been doing this since then and it has been a fun start to each diary entry and really has become a fun way to keep the old brain sharp.

Examples of questions can be important or silly:

  • What was the Forecast that Stephen shared with you by product
  • What was number plate of the car that delivered my new office furniture
  • What route did Rene say he took when driving to Spain

I will keep up this habit I learned from this little wise ‘tippet’ as my family likes to call a small helpful suggestion. You can do so too even if you don’t have a journal. Just go in your Gmail calendar and add a question two weeks in advance. We are all encouraged to keep the body healthy and rightly so but it is also important to keep the mind sharp also.

Authors note: If you got this far I wanted to say thanks for the wonderful feedback I got from my diary selection yesterday When the jerk in first class got his come uppance. It became my most read post by far and the unsolicited feedback I got was way more than ever before. I will start to add more of my diary entries to the post alongside the 2 minute wisdom.

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