Make the right decisions, or make your decisions right

We make decisions everyday. Most are easy to call decisions which require very little energy. Some are key decisions that required your focus, energy and time to reflect. You know there is a BUT coming….

But those people that wait too long to make a decision don’t get far. A friend of mine from the USA says “shit or get off the pot”. Decisions are to be taken wisely and dependent on risk, but long decision making hurts morale, it will also give you the air of indecision or muddled thinking and that can be worse than a few poor decisions.

The challenge is to recognize the important decisions that look like easy decisions. Staying with the incumbent supplier or business partner, that always looks like a safe decision but can cost you in the long run. Remember the quote “No one ever got fired for choosing IBM!” Well I am sure at some point they did get fired.

You can make a decision individually or part of a team, you can look at the data or go with your gut. Whatever way you make your decision, make it and make it with speed.

Then you live with the decision you made. There are few days that have an absolute right and an absolute wrong. You don’t need to think about the decision like that, the universe is not so just that you will be richly rewarded for the right decision and punished for a bad decision.

Once you made your decision with speed, YOU make it work or YOU will let it fail. Stay committed, grind it out, and on the way be flexible.

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