Employees or crew (how many souls are aboard your boat?)

I had the worst migraine in ages last night. Health really is wealth and you never appreciate how wealthy you are until you are in pain. I think it’s sinus related as I can’t breathe well at all. I hope it will not effect the quality of the post today.

I trained as a day skipper 5 years ago and I am always amazed at how much Sailing can teach you about life and business. One thing that always impressed me when working with other skippers was how they refer and treated their crew. When describing the people on board (crew) they would always describe them as souls on board. When you use the term ‘souls; you are really taking extreme accountability for their wellbeing and safety. How many souls are on board your boat?

This is why I have always considered my teams as my ‘dry land crew’. A potential regatta winning crew, full of distinct specialty skills and everyone pulling together as one. A crew I am ultimately accountable for. That responsibility must never be forgotten or ignored. Below are a few traits of a regatta winning crew:

  • The crew is as good as the weakest member
  • The crew has a shared vision
  • The crew celebrates together
  • The crew always eats together
  • The crew hold each other accountable always
  • The crew make the most of conditions and prepare for when those conditions turn
  • The crew constantly measure and correct their course
  • There is a time for democracy and a time for dictatorship, a phrase which sounds wrong but in squall there is no time for a vote
  • The crew has unlimited potential

Your employees are your crew, you are accountable for them all and they are accountable to each other.

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