Know your market and flex

The story I am going to tell today is about understanding your market dynamics and flexing when necessary. The story begins 25 years ago. I was living in Croydon, South East London and commuted daily to my University in South West London Kingston.

There was one bus that went from Croydon to London Heathrow and stopped in Kingston-Upon-Thames. The bus was infrequent only every 90 minutes and the journey would take an hour. Those that have want to arrive to not be late for work needed to get the first bus of the day 6am. And around 30 commuters every day joined me in waiting for this bus. The coffee shop across opened at 6am also.

Opening up just a little earlier would have made more money for them and would have won over a lot of grateful customers. A simple reflection but it reminds me of the need to understand your market trends and adjust.

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