The curse of expectation

I was watching an interview with Stephen King he said the following quote: “You know what talent is? The curse of expectation” it got me thinking about the kids I coached in football and the young consultants I have mentored in the last 20 years.

I have learned to abhor the word ‘potential’ it is such a back handed compliment loaded with insult and sets an almost impossible level to achieve. ‘He is such a promising kid’ – That young person with talent who much is expected from. What usually happens is a lifetime of striving to fulfil the title of promise.

Mr King is correct, it is the curse for those recognized for a talent. As they begin their career almost every flaw is ignored as the success is admired for the apparent ease that it is attained. The talented person usually rises fast at first as talent and charisma combine to dazzle all. All the time they are learning very little and not realizing it.

Slowly but very surely the always under estimated person who has learned about hard work emerge as a contender. They climb above the talented ‘promising’ professional with very little pomp and ceremony.

The results of the normal hard workers start to be considered as valuable more and more and potential of the talented seems less of a currency.

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard

Me just now

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