No grit

We had some snow this weekend and local news outlets were complaining about why didn’t they grit/salt the roads. Not that many cars need to be on roads at the moment.

Years ago my daughter asked me the question. “Dad, what happens to the homeless on weekends like these when it snows and is very cold?, who looks after them?” She said expecting me to know the answer, as daughters do.

I answered as best as I could whilst trying to sugar coat it but I rarely any see newspaper articles, TV programmes, radio broadcasts about the homeless in bitterly cold winters like this. You can judge a society on how it treats those less fortunate. Homelessness is a larger, more important than if we have salted the roads for a few days.

If we do not talk, discuss and debate issues of a more serious nature in times like these we miss an important opportunity for raising public awareness and then as a result it is the British society and not the British roads which are lacking in grit !

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