Lessons from the penalty spot

I am looking out on a wet cold Sunday morning, planning the week ahead and I caught myself thinking of the obstacles and blockers of the week and not the goals and objectives I have for that week.

This is a trap I fall in on occasion and I say to myself when I do that “Penalty Spot NCS, penalty spots!” It reminds me of a lesson I learned over 14 years ago and how that lesson was tested and proven on the a cold wet February well just like today. Let me share that lesson today:

Remember this was learned on the muddy fields of 2007-2010. I used to coach Junior football 10 years ago, we used to have penalty spot drills. The parents would say to the kids “don’t miss” What do you think would happen after that advice? yes they would miss most often.

I made a point of telling the players parents that in this team we only talk about making things not missing things. After some mumbles and objections they finally adopted the positive philosophy. We won every penalty competition for the 3 years we were all together. That group of boys became league and cup champions. Two of the boys made professional clubs, more importantly all of them became admirable young men of achievement and character.

The key to success was to focus the players mind on the thing they desired not the thing they feared. If you mentor anyone try and help them concentrate on making targets not missing them, it can make a difference and so can you!

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