Bad parenting; Hair today, gone tomorrow

Author’s note: I have for the last twenty years or more kept a daily notebook/journal and the things I hear and see I squirrel away for myself, the future or just because I must write something. Now I have kept this daily blog thing up for 150 days I put ‘some’ of the things up here. I hope you enjoy a moment that occurred this week. I called it bad parenting because, well you can see why. Enjoy

I was in a queue this week and what I once called ‘a cool looking’ parent was chatting with her friend in a queue. You know the sort, impeccable dress sense, and a presence that says ‘I know I look good’ even with matching face mask with outfit. As they were social distancing the conversation was loud and you could hardly avoid listening. Which is why what she said surprised me. Some people have no shame.

She was telling her friend that she had been considering having a fringe (what they call bangs in the USA). She had been considering having a fringe but was not sure what her face would look like. She then confessed that to see what her face would look like she cut her daughters hair with a fringe instead.

She said to her friend “ It’s awful isn’t it, I am so glad that I avoided that mistake!” She then laughed out loud with her friend. As you get older you realise that cool parents are just bad parents.

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