Three types of people

Xander (my 25 year old son) and I are at finals day. Or more accurately we are in a Hilton about to head off to Edgbaston to watch the cricket. All week I have been talking to folks about finals day and many will wish you luck or good wishes.

So while I wait for my son to wake up in his hotel room I will share my theory on people who wish you luck or congratulate you.
They fit into three groups.

  • Those that say it but hope the opposite, they are an obstacle to your well being and success. These are toxic people. These people drain your energy.
  • Those that are apathetic to your future whatever happens
  • The last group really mean it, they wish you luck and success and would love to see you succeed. These are nourishing people. They give you energy.

Your mission is to know the difference and keep the last group in your company and in your life. The second group are no harm to you and are the majority of the population if we are honest. and the first group need to be removed from your life.
After all, what interaction does light have with darkness? None! So neither should you.

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reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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