Variation in nature; vs modern life’s repetition

I had a week off at the end of the summer. I spent the time at home walking, reading, laughing and relaxing. I spent more time with nature than I had in a long time. Walking and sitting and observing nature. No day was the same that week. I felt great that week.

I returned to work and knuckled down and the same with my health. I worked out and went swimming. I was being intellectually and physically challenged. But, I did not feel 100%, the aches and pains came back and discontent was being felt in my daily work.

I thought about the week off. I was doing a lot that week both physically and mentally so that was not the issue. I was being active so why was it that I felt worse? I concluded that the randomness I saw in nature and the variation I did in my time off was why I was happier.

Nature is full of variation and randomness. The average digital worker has a lot of repetition in the same environment. The gym they visit in the evening is the same, repetitive tasks completed as fast as possible.

I am trying to create variation in all that I do from now on. I will no longer spend hours on zoom followed by 90 minutes of repetitive exercise. I will plan my week on a Sunday night and consider what I am going to do but also how and where I do it now. My workday will consist of audio, video and in person when possible. I will move certain calls to walking calls. I work in the home office, at the dining table, in coffee shops and of course in the office, both London and Oxford.

If you cant vary what you do, vary how you do it, if you can’t vary that then vary where you do it

Me just now

I will no longer only run on a treadmill but swim, walk, row and mediate in a series of mixed and sometimes random orders. It has been working well in the brief week I have tried it and I would recommend you add this to your workflow if you can.

My intention is to try and replicate the variation and mixed intensity of nature. Wish me luck as I try and add texture and variation to my work and personal life.

Hearty handshakes from me to you

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