Wisdom on the road to recovery

I have not written for over a month. Well not written on here anyway, ironically I have wrote more in the last 30 days then in a long time which might be somewhat of an excuse for my absence. I am a great proponent of the pithy maxim from Benjamin Disraeli which said “never complain’ never explain” which was then built upon by Elbert Hubbard who expanded this to say “never explain – your friends do not need it, and your enemies will not believe you anyway”. However, I will share my latest distractions for information not to excuse:

Distraction 0: I have been feeling not myself this month. A series of colds and aches, prompted by my return to swim training again. I always find the first month back in the pool a struggle. You just need to push through.

Distraction 1: My writing efforts have not abated just were diverted. Firstly I have joined postcrossing.com and am very much enjoying this community, which allows me to write with my fountain pen, communicate around the world and learn about the world of which I am keen to know more. I have received over 15 postcards from around the world and sent 15 also to places as far as China, Japan and New Zealand.

Distraction 2: Secondly, I have gone further down the hobby of kings, and king of hobbies, Philately. I am very much enjoying the learning element of the hobby and have found it an endless source of fascination. These two things have been of great draw on my spare time.

Distraction 3: Lastly I have finally gone electric and got myself a Tesla (see photo above) I have enjoyed the fun of driving a car with so much Torque and the gamification of getting more miles for my charge. It is nice to know I shall never visit another petrol station again.

Normal posting will resume this week with a post on a lesson I learned on letting go and how I learned that from a broken radio.

Hearty handshakes from me to you.

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reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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