When the universe speaks, you listen

It was Aristotle who wrote “Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom” and I have for 47 years now been on that journey. So when I noticed something it was interesting to reflect on. I have been angrier of late, less patient, more prone to react, prone to get caught up in other people’s dramas. I am aware of it mostly in retrospect.

And so I was irritable on the way to the garage the other day to fix my old car. (not the lovely new Tesla) I was dropping the car off for a service and in traffic and late. I was seething with why the traffic was so bad that morning. The radio was stuck on a random channel which played back to back “Let it go” (The Disney song) then “Let it be” the Beatles song. I went from angry that I could not even control my own radio to laughing at the universe speaking to me through a broken radio. I could not change the station it was stuck and had to listen to those two songs and I could not turn them off.

In just 6 minutes and 2 songs I changed my perspective


I reflected on my anger and the lesson that broken radio taught me for a couple of days. What I took from it was ‘choice’ and ‘narrative’. When met with traffic, or a delay or someone being rude, you have two choices.

  1. Do something about it
  2. OR don’t let it bother you

The greatest power we have in life is how we react to things, it is our super power. The elements of life that you cannot control are not asking for you to judge them or pass an opinion. They are out of your control and so we should learn to “let it go”

I am reminding myself daily, that the things I cannot control I should just let go. I don’t have to get angry or upset. In those two days of reflection what I realised about my anger was; when I get angry or annoyed by others, I become a character in someone else’s story, but when I let my anger go, I get to reclaim my story, I get to become the protagonist again. So far it is working, I am more relaxed and more reflective.

Hearty handshakes fo me to you

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