Incerto Series; Fooled by randomness

I wanted to share a summary of a series of book written by the greatest living philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He created the Incerto series, which is 5 separately published books. Fooled by randomness, The black swan, the bed of procrustes and Anti Fragile.

Anyway firstly I urge you to read fooled by randomness, in the book he writes of:

  • Alterenate histories
  • Hindsight Bias
  • Survivorship Bias
  • Regression to the mean
  • First Principle thinking
  • Traits of the market fool

If you can please read fool by randomness, I would go as far to say it will change your life. Then again I think every book changes your life so what do I know. Let me leave you with a beautiful quote that you should heed if you take nothing else from today’s jottings.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool

Richard Feynman

Bonus content:

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