Reflecting on a week in Zurich

I am writing this in my little yellow beach hut after a week of travel. A week of networking and listening to customers share their stories. I was in Zurich for a week with work meeting hundreds of customers. The experience was overwhelming at times.

The week was a great time to learn and grow if you can pull out the real lessons from the noise. I may miss an opportunity if I leap to insight without reflection though! Reflecting on what my customers and team have shared.

The word ‘reflect’ comes from the Latin ‘reflectere’. The word means; turning backwards or looking backwards. It is not simply thinking. Reflective thinking requires a slowing down of the mind, a reduction in stimuli. My CEO likes to go for walks to reflect. I like to stare at the champagne shore of my little beach. So here I am in the little yellow shack staring at waves.

As the waves crash against the rocks and the people walk by I try and make sense of the week. All that I heard and the things I may not have heard.

If you reflect well enough on your experiences you will become your own teacher.

My Grandad Den

Sometimes you need a break. In a beautiful place. Alone. To figure everything out. It is through reflective thinking that experience may become insight.

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