Life is buffet

It is 06:41, bleary eyed I look up from my screen to get a moment to think. I have spent the last three days and nights in Amsterdam. A weekend away with Melanie (My wife of 27 years). We are headed back on the Eurostar. What a wonderful few days, we visited the Rijk’s museum, The Van Gogh museum, The Royal Palace, Anne Frank’s house and many more places.

I have formed the opinion over the weekend that life is like a hotel buffet. Stick with me on this one:

  • We start out our stay in the hotel, with a first visit to the breakfast, we are not sure where anything is and everyone looks like they are happy
  • We bluster our way through, trial and error and for the first day or so we are ok with what we got but sure that we could do better if only we knew more
  • Slowly but surely we watch others, we see where all the goodies are kept, the special requests, how to get our coffee just right
  • Then we are set, we are now the happy one looking like we know just how the breakfast is organised and we could spend ages enjoying the spread
  • Then it is time to leave, we are disappointed that our newly perfected knowledge is no longer of use. We wish we would have asked more questions earlier, we wish we would have helped more people find their way around the buffet
  • Then it is time to check out (no chance to do it all again)

Don’t wait til it is our time to check out before we help others. Ask more questions in life. Talk to more strangers about how they have found their way and got their coffee just right. Weekends away and life is too short.

Hearty handshakes from me to you

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reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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