Servant Leadership: Leading with Humility and Empathy

I Just walked to the Coffee shop this morning. My son Xander is participating in a park run preparing for the Brighton Marathon. A cappucino in hand I turn my thoughts to a subject which means a lot to me. I wanted to share my thoughts on Servant leadership. It is at its heart a leadership style that prioritizes the needs of others over the needs of the leader. It’s many things to many people but to me it is about three key things; leading with humility, empathy, and collaboration, and by doing this the hope is creating a culture of trust, respect, and continuous learning.

Empathy is a key principle of servant leadership. Servant leaders are keenly aware of their followers’ needs, desires, and challenges. This empathetic approach builds trust and strengthens relationships between leaders and their teams.

Humility is also essential to servant leadership. Servant leaders acknowledge that they don’t have all the answers, and they can learn from their teams. This humble approach creates a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Finally, servant leadership involves a strong commitment to collaboration. I expect my teams to encourage their followers to work together as a team. This collaborative approach leads to better decision-making, greater innovation, and higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.

Servant leadership is important to me. I believe that by adopting these principles, leaders can inspire their teams to achieve their full potential and create positive change in their organizations and communities.

Lead with your heart, serve with your actions. That’s what servant leadership is all about! Being a servant leader that inspires positive change in your organization and beyond. #ServantLeadership #LeadWithHeart

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